16th day of war!Preparing for an attack on Kyiv … Russian troops attacked a boarding school

Meanwhile, Pentagon officials have announced that the Russian army’s 64-kilometer convoy, which was on the agenda a few days ago, has approached five kilometers from the city in the last 24 hours, and these convoys have also been shared. did. It was leaked to the news media with satellite images. The convoy was said to have dispersed into the woodlands. This is the latest development from the 16th day of the war …

Erdogan received Stortemberg

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan welcomed NATO Secretary General Jens Stortemberg.

Prime Minister Erdogan received NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at the hotel where he was staying. Admission closed to the press lasted 35 minutes.

“To end the EU’s dependence on Russia …”

“We offer plans to withdraw Russia’s gas, oil and coal in mid-May to end the EU’s dependence on Russia,” said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. Stated.

Zelenski: Syrian mercenaries come to our country to kill

President of Ukraine Vladimir PutinskySaying that the Russian troops that attacked his country treated even Russian-speaking civilians very badly, “Now, Syrian mercenaries who do not distinguish who speaks which language, attends which church, or supports which party come abroad just to kill.” Said.

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Ukraine: Russia brings in ISIS terrorists

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Presidential Office Mikhail PodriakFrom his Twitter account “Russian authorities, including (Defense Minister Sergei) Shoigu, have announced that 16,000 former ISIS militants have been rushed to hire for use against Ukrainian civilians. ISIS and Russian publicity involvement in chemical weapons. Shows an attempt to carry out a “Syrian scenario” in Ukraine. “ Insisted.

Russia sues Meta for inciting violence against Russians

Russia has filed a lawsuit against Meta employees who have changed the rules of hate speech on Facebook and Instagram and allowed the use of words that incite violence against Russians.

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Putin: There are positive changes in the negotiation process

Russian President Vladimir Putin said there were some positive changes in the negotiation process with Ukraine.

Putin, who met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in the Kremlin, issued a statement at the beginning of the meeting. “I will tell you about the situation in Ukraine, and above all, how the negotiations that take place almost every day are going on now. Some positive changes that the negotiators on our side told me. Yes. I will explain all of these in detail. “ Said.

€ 500 million support from EU to Ukraine

Senior Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union Josep Borrell He announced that the EU will provide Ukraine with an additional € 500 million in military aid.

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Kyiv locals have begun digging trenches

In Kyiv, people dig trenches, barricades, ditches

Ukraine: Russia attacks private structures

According to information provided by Ukrainian local authorities, Russian troops attacked civilian buildings all night in settlements such as Dnipro, Balisifka and Chernihiv. Russian troops continued to attack civilian structures in the country with aircraft and missiles, according to information compiled from a statement by a Ukrainian local administrator.

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Annoying instructions from Putin!

President of Russia Vladimir PutinComing from the Middle East, it will be done on the Russian side “Volunteer Warrior” He ordered delivery to the conflict zone of Ukraine.Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu of “More than 16,000 volunteers, mainly from the Middle East, applied to fight on the Russian side.” Said.

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Laboratory to Ukraine Epidemic Risk Warning: Destroy Pathogens

The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on Ukraine to destroy pathogens in the laboratory to avoid the risk of spreading the disease in the event of a potential leak.

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German hospitals do not treat Russians and Belarusians

It turns out that a private German hospital has decided not to accept Russians and Belarusians as patients.

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Russian troops attacked boarding school

Governor of Kharkiv Oblast Oleh SynyehubovAccording to a statement in his telegram account, 330 people were in school at the time of the attack. Synyehubov said that 50 of the school’s students had difficulty walking and 10 were wheelchair-bound students.

Synyehubov said he had evacuated 73 people to a nearby boarding school and said he was trying to determine the number of injured and dead.

Preparing for an attack at Kyiv Gate

Satellite images reflected the latest status of the 64-kilometer Russian convoy advancing toward Kyiv. As shared by US-based Maxar Technologies, the Russian convoy split when it approached Kiev and dispersed near Kiev. A Maxar statement reported that some vehicles dispersed from the convoy entered the forest. This was interpreted as a convoy scattered around Kyiv preparing for an attack.

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$ 100 million in humanitarian aid from Japan to Ukraine

The Government of Japan has announced that it will provide $ 100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukrainians who are already in the country or who are refugees. Assistance for asylum seekers sent to neighboring countries passing through Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania. Excludes Ukraine. Covers topics such as housing, health, childcare and food.

Red Cross: Mariupol has no drinking water

Deputy Chief of the Red Cross Ukraine Delegation Sasha Volkov He explained the latest situation in the city of Mariupol where he lived. Sasha Volkov, deputy representative of the Ukrainian Red Cross delegation, called the headquarters of the Red Cross. “Many people don’t have water to drink. All markets and pharmacies were plundered four or five days ago.” Said.

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Ukraine does not buy nuclear fuel from Russia

According to Sputnik news, Ukraine’s National Nuclear Energy Production Organization (Energoatom) has announced on its telegram channel that it has completely refused to buy nuclear fuel from Russia.