140 million TL support from Bitci to Turkish sports

Founded in Bodrum in 2018 and quickly becoming one of the world’s leading fan token platforms, Bitci Teknoloji continues to support Turkish sports. Developed a team and federation fan token project through Turkey’s first local blockchain platform, BitciChain, developed in 2020, Bitci has worked with 13 different organizations in Turkey over the past 1.5 years.

Onur Altan Tan, CEO of BitciTeknoloji, said that in the last quarter of 2020, Turkey achieved its first fan token collaboration with Karşıyaka Sports Club. Team level. Implemented a fan token project. As of today, in addition to these two organizations, we have fan token agreements with Eskişehirsor, Ankaragücü, Denizlispor, Bursaspor, Kocaelispor, Fatih Karagümrük, Gençlerbirliği, Afjet Afyonspor, Bodrumpor, Adanaspor and the Turkish Federation of Turkish Motorcycles. “

The fan token system is very open

Onur Altan Tan, who said that all Turkish token projects are offered and traded on the Bitci.com stock market, said: While designing these token projects, we established a three-legged system. We said that both teams of fans and investors should win. Currently, the fan token ecosystem is still under development. Greater progress and surprises will come in the future. In particular, it takes the interaction between fans and the teams they support to another level. “

Onur AltanTan, who also sponsors almost every team that develops the fan token project, said: Other sponsors. To date, we have donated over 140 million TLs to Turkish teams and organizations, along with sponsorship and fan token revenue sharing. “

We are actively discriminating against the Turkish team

As a global brand, Bitci says it exports blockchain to the world, and Onur Altan Tan says: Major teams and organizations. Ask any country in the world today. Speaking of the two most successful national teams in football in the world, everyone answers Brazil and Spain. We are the only fan token partners of both teams in the world. This is not only the success of Bitci, but also the success of Turkey. The technology used in Brazil, Spain and MotoGP will be integrated into the digital transformation of Turkish basketball national teams Bodrumspor and Afyonspor. This is a really important issue. This is our only difference. Bitci’s share of fan token revenue sharing with overseas teams is usually over 50%, but when it comes to Turkey, this figure is well below 50%. Only in Turkish sports support this positive discrimination. In a way we are doing this to provide equal opportunities for the Turkish team. Yes, we are a global brand. Yeah, that may not sound very professional, but that’s what we are. We are a company that was born and raised here, loves Turkey very much and has prioritized supporting Turkish sports in all situations. We are proud of that too, “he said.

Removes damage with a return guarantee

The world of cryptocurrencies involves risks and high returns, says Onur Altan Tan. “Here, we are once again breaking new ground in the world and introducing a buy-back guarantee system for sports fan tokens. In a sense, this system ensures that investors never lose. The scope of this system. Within, if a sports fan token purchased by an investor falls below the offer price, the investor can return it to us at the purchased price within 6 months. The largest exchange in the world. It’s a practice that doesn’t even do it. Why? Because we really care about investors. We don’t just talk. “This is a well-known practice in the cryptocurrency world, and this is for investors. I am very pleased to find that it is a major factor of trust. “

We made an offer to Besiktas, they are the problem

Recalling that all large Turkish clubs except Besiktas are implementing fan token projects, Onur Altintan said: We have sent them suggestions that we believe will bring a lot of value to Besiktas. I have an offer with a buy-back guarantee that I mentioned earlier. The president also said about this. They make the best decisions for themselves. The most important issue here is that the club has income, but investors are not suffering from this business. This is the main reason behind the recovery system we introduced for the first time in the world. “

Constructive editing allows us to be the “game founder” of the blockchain

Onur Altan Tan added that the field of Turkish cryptocurrencies requires very comprehensive regulation. , But also draw a strong framework for issues such as capital adequacy ratio. We also shared our views on this with relevant agencies. However, while we were waiting for this regulation, we took our own step towards increasing equity capital. There is no reason to wait for the state here. The private sector also needs to play that role. Therefore, last year, we raised the paid-up capital to 100 million Turkish lira and took the initiative in this field. Today, we are one of the players with the highest paid-in capital in this sector, along with several other exchanges. Of course, this regulatory issue is not limited to our country’s agenda. Many different countries in the world are tackling this problem. But Turkey’s role here is very important. According to a survey, we are one of the five countries with the highest recognition and penetration of cryptocurrencies in the world today. Therefore, the pioneering and constructive attitude shown here can make us one of the playmaker countries in the blockchain world. “

We have established our own exchange abroad

Onur Altan Tan said it is almost impossible for foreigners to open an account on the Turkish stock exchange due to regulations, and continues: And that’s it: we started as a blockchain R & D company. Our crypto trading platform, Bitci.com, is just one of our features in the industry. Apart from that, we are one of the world’s leading fan token platforms today. There are nearly 40 fan token collaborations around the world, and these will continue to grow. The fact that foreigners cannot become members requires different growth strategies for global brands like us. In this regard, we have begun to establish our own cryptocurrency exchange on the international stage under the Bitci brand. “”

Our Brazilian exchange comes to 700-800 members daily

Onur Altan Tan said: “Brazil, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency technologies, has taken the first step in this regard. The exchange here, Bitci Brasil, is now trading. I’ve just joined. I’ve been a member for about a month, and we’re accepting an average of 700-800 members every day. After structuring here, we’ll establish a stock market, especially in Europe. Our target here is us. The country is Brazil. In addition to Brazil, India is also at the top of our target market. “

In addition to fan tokens, Onur Altan Tan states that there are other important projects on NFTs and the Metaverse. We also have NFT collaborations with many teams affiliated with Fan Token. We will implement these in the future. Investment in the sports industry will continue to increase. We will continue to sponsor and support tokens in various countries. There are more than five projects that have a huge impact on the world, “he said.