12. Superfetation! She got pregnant during her pregnancy!

She got pregnant during her pregnancy!

Ender and Sevin Cherik, who live in Izmir Urla, learned that a second baby will be born in February 2017. The Cheriks, who were very happy, were surprised at a hospital visit about a month later. Examination revealed that another egg in the mother had been re-fertilized and a second pregnancy had begun. Surprisingly, the Cerrick couple learned that this situation was called “superfetation” and was the twelfth case in the world. SevinçÇelik, who gave birth to a baby named Poyraz and Ayaz on October 6, 2017, raised a superfetated baby with her first child, Lina. Explaining the process they experienced as wonderful, Çelik came to the fore with his identity as a writer. Çelik aims to publish science fiction and fantasy books with philosophical elements on a digital platform and the next in print.

“Like twins, but not.”

“I learned that I was pregnant again when I was one month pregnant. I was diagnosed with superfetation. This incident happened to only 11 people in the world,” Cherik said of the interesting process they experienced. Knowing that it wasn’t, we were in the twelfth case. At that time, we were very surprised and scared. I had another one-year-old daughter. It looked like a twin pregnancy, but in fact. Was not a twin pregnancy. There was no twin pregnancy in our family. That was something we didn’t expect. So it was an exciting and horrifying process. With Poyraz. Ayaz turns 5 in October. I was pregnant with my first Poiras. A month later I was pregnant with Ayaz. But both were born on the same day. They were Poiras for the first time. I was scared to see Ayaz not brought to my knees. Ayaz was born at 1kg and 500g and stayed in the incubator for 20 days. At the moment, Ayaz’s development is Poiraz. “We are currently following his progress,” he said.

“People are surprised”

“People don’t understand when they say’superfetation’,” Cherik said, explaining the reaction of those around him. “Most people don’t know what this case is, but this is a scientific situation. I’m the twelfth case in the world. Sometimes I say” Gemini “without explanation. And sometimes they remember me and say, “You got pregnant during your pregnancy.” Someone asks. As the children grow up, I will explain these processes to them. I tell them that they are superfetated. Her daughter, Lina, sometimes says that Poiras and Ayaz are twins, and sometimes she says Poiras was born before and calls Poiras “Ayaz’s older brother.” “

Their children are inspired

Cherik said he wanted to leave good memories for the children and talked about the process of writing a book: “I’m a lot of book readers. I especially love reading world classics. I decided to write when my kids were only a few months old. They were my inspiration. I’m also writing a book in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. It also has a philosophical element. I think it’s great what we’re experiencing. Maybe this where we live. Due to the great situation, I started writing such a book. I have two books that are copyrighted on the digital platform. I’m writing both books I have no plans to publish my book, Redseal, digitally. I would like to have a contract with a publisher to publish the book. When I was raising a child, I said they were “best”, ” I thought it should be “most”, but over time I internalized that children don’t have to be “most” and “most”. Must be perfect. I want to print a book and tell my children good memories. “

Izmir University of Economics Medical Park Izmir Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Volkan Emirdar said of the 2017 incident: “In fact, it’s a very rare situation. When the baby is in the mother’s womb, the baby ovulates again and combines eggs and sperm, which is very rare but has been reported. I also testify. I am happy that the two babies are born healthy. In fact, there are differences in twin pregnancy. Generally, they are developing. Delays are due to changes in blood flow. It is possible. It is difficult to distinguish this. It is possible that there was such a case before, but it is necessary to distinguish it. It may not have been reported because it was difficult. It was a one-month difference in the baby on ultrasound from the first few weeks. Regular follow-up also showed that the difference in the baby was maintained. Intrauterine in this case. The second fertilization in is very noticeable. This is a rare situation in the world when we look at the literature and it is only reported 11v Alias ​​is the last case reported in Austria I also witnessed the twelfth case. “