11th day of battle!Ukrainian leader Zelensky talked about the terrifying plans of the Russians: they are preparing to bomb Odessa

RussiaWe have entered the 11th day of the war, which began with the invasion of Ukraine. Many cities were bombed for days, and hundreds of civilians and soldiers were killed in the attack. The two authorities have reached an agreement to set up a peace corridor in the area where civilians have evacuated as part of the second round of negotiations the day before. However, the temporary ceasefire announced yesterday could not be realized due to continued Russian bombardment.

Last night, the delegations of both countries were decided to sit at the negotiation table for the third time on Monday.

The key developments on the 11th day of the war are:

“The world has the power to close our sky for Russian rockets and planes,” said Ukraine leader Zelensky, emphasizing that Ukraine needs planes to secure its airspace. .. Zelensky said that the remarks of the captured Russian soldiers were taken, “The Russian soldiers captured by our soldiers are made to speak. Among them is a pilot of an airplane that bombed our city. I’m listening to them. These plans weren’t. They were created yesterday. This is not an improvisational plan. They prepared for this invasion in a cruel and ironic way. “

Announced that the Russians are preparing to bomb other cities in Ukraine, Zelensky said, “They are preparing to bomb Odessa. We will continue to protect Odessa and all our cities. “.

The Mariupol City Council has announced the start of a temporary ceasefire with Russia for a humanitarian corridor. This lasts from 10:00 to 21:00 local time.

Russian troops bombarded two towns in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine, killing one and injuring two. Ukrainian paramedics have announced that 25 homes have been destroyed as a result of the bombing. It was stated that as a result of the bombardment, five children were rescued from the wreckage.

A statement from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army reported that missing data from the war between Ukraine and Russia from February 24th to March 6th was updated. In the statement, more than 11,000 Russian soldiers died, 44 aircraft, 48 helicopters, 285 tanks, 985 armored vehicles, 109 artillery systems, 447 vehicles, 60 fuels. It was pointed out that the tank and four unmanned aerial vehicles were incapacitated.

The Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator (GTSOU) reported that 16 natural gas distribution stations in six regions had to be closed. A statement from GTSOU states that the Russian attack closed 16 natural gas distribution stations in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk. The war that Russia started in Ukraine has also damaged domestic infrastructure facilities.

David Alakamia, a servant of the ruling party of the Ukrainian People’s Party, today announced that it could open a humanitarian aid corridor in Kharkov.

The attack continued on the 11th day of Russia’s military operation against Ukraine, but Ukrainian President Vladimir Putinski addressed the Ukrainian people at midnight. Zelensky said, “It’s a special hero to protest when your city is temporarily occupied. Even if you don’t have armor, you won’t run away from the armored car. That’s what they do temporarily. That’s why we are here. Our people, our Ukrainians, don’t retreat. They don’t give up. They continue to resist. They shout to the occupiers to go home. Mistress It’s a step towards victory and attack. We have to go out and resist. “

Russia is attacking, Ukraine is resisting!This is what happened on the 11th day of the warZelensky

As the Russian-Ukraine war continues, peace talks have been held between the two countries since February 28. After the second round of talks on March 3, the delegation reached an agreement on the third round, but did not set a definite date. In this regard, both parties will hold a third round on Monday. The meeting place was planned as the city of Brest in Belarus.

Russia is attacking, Ukraine is resisting!This is what happened on the 11th day of the war

Yesterday, Russia announced a temporary ceasefire aimed at eliminating civilians from Mariupol and Volnovakha. However, Mayor Mariupol announced that evacuation was delayed due to continued bombardment by Russians. Therefore, civilians in this area could not escape the war.

Russia is attacking, Ukraine is resisting!This is what happened on the 11th day of the war

On the other hand, citizens who want to flee the country are crowded at stations and go to neighboring countries. Stampede at Kyiv’s central station is being prevented while thousands of people are about to board the evacuation train. Many people couldn’t get on the train because of the intensity that started last night and spent the night at the station.

Russia is attacking, Ukraine is resisting!This is what happened on the 11th day of the war

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