112 Years Old Airplane Tree Yellow Navy Championship Story-TRTSpor

The 90-minute performance in the match is the main deciding factor, and the “Yellow Blue Championship Story” was written with the community, the board of directors, the technical team, the capital players and soccer fans.

Club president Falk Coca and coach Mustafa Darchi, who oversaw the process that ended in the championship, told Anadolu Agency correspondents that the club had dropped out of the Super League during the 2020-2021 season. He talked about the changes. Bittersweet memories.

Falk Koja, a businessman who was elected chairman after his rival Metin Accuze at the Yellow-Navy Club General Assembly in June 2021, had the first part of his dream before taking office. It was realized. Return the team to the Super League.

Falk Koja pointed out the location of MKE Ankaraguju, who fought the most in the Super League after the “Big Three” as the “highest level”, and started by solving the debt problem of the dark blue club. By establishing a team he believed he would be the champion, suffering from financial difficulties.

The words are in Falkkoja and Mustafa D’Artisan

Coca explained what he had experienced during his presidency, but he hasn’t completed it for a year yet.

“It was a very difficult process. It is normal for teams playing in the Super League to experience the adaptation process of the lower leagues. We have experienced this in the last 11 months. MKE Ankaraguju is a 112 year old club. I understand that all teams are playing more hard against you. I felt the privilege of playing with Ankaraguju and the enthusiasm of the efforts they showed. We form a team. We were always focused on the championship while we were passing through. The preparation process. The manager’s friends, technical teams, soccer players and fans all lined up all the pluses and achieved their goals. “

Falk Koja points out that many people, including himself, have made sacrifices in the course of the championship: “The club’s current spending is 12-13 million lira each month. We are a large community. There are about 200 people working. Soccer is an expensive sport, the budget of soccer players. Playing in the Super League will increase your income, but the income of the lower leagues is certain. We are always of this I’ve had some difficulties and I’m glad. It’s not at the level we want, but at least we don’t see financial problems as a big mess and we’re in a viable situation. Received and completed 80% of the associated debt. No transfer. The rest of the files will be closed in June and will join the Super League for the new season. “

Coach Mustafa Dalcı, the championship’s greatest architect, shared the process they experienced in the locker room, a business kitchen where sadness, happiness, tension and much more are experienced.

“Of course, we can’t describe the sad or happy days we’ve experienced in two words. Sometimes we were very happy and sometimes sad in this locker room. We finished 6th and 2nd. I finished the first two games of the first half in a week of the league. I took the lead first and brought it to the end of the season. In fact, it looks very comfortable to look at, but it’s there. Very It was a strategic match. We passed here very well. Ankaraguju forced the league. I don’t remember the team that won the league in the last few years. The right plan, community beliefs Our belief in our fans, especially our esteemed president and management, has brought success. We are justly proud of our success. Experience this in a very large community. That is another happiness and beauty. “

The moment it breaks

Falk Koja and Mustafa Darcy also talked about the moment of break on their way to the championship.

Falk Koja noted the importance of defeating Denizlispor 3-0 in the match he played in Antalya in the third week of the league.

Coca recalled that he hadn’t won in the first two weeks, and during this time he was in London for personal affairs, saying:

“I’m going to London by land. After a long trip, I arrived in Antalya for a Denizlispor match. It was a very difficult process. The previous two matches, frankly, from the community. This match was very important and I won with a clear score. What is the reason for the fans? Even in Antalya, winning that match can be very motivating. Then I caught an important series. In the 12th week of the league, I defeated Umlani Espor 3-0. “It was very important in the match we won and became a leader. Fans were the biggest driving force in this match. Really loyal and long-suffering supporters. In fact, fans also experience breaking moments. “

Mustafa D’Artisan pointed to a couple of games that could be called break moments during the season, “I want to emphasize the game of Erzurumspor who played a little more. Our community did not directly believe in the championship until that day. However, after winning in such a difficult situation, we kicked the opponent out of the event. Midnight. Our supporters welcomed us at the airport. This gave us community unity. Therefore, I prioritize a little more match as a breakout match. The match that defeated Umlani Espor, who had never lost in the 12th week of the league, was the most intense. It was one of the encounters I was happy with, “he said.

The president’s difficult decision, the coach’s hard day …

While Falk Koja admitted to sitting in the president’s chair and wearing a shirt made of fire, coach Mustafa Darcy shared the sadness of the bitter news he received in the last week of the league.

President Coca, “Have you ever asked yourself why I was eager for this difficult task?” He answered the question posed as follows:

“When you participate, on the one hand the expectations of the community, and on the other hand the facts … you really lose sleep, your nerves collapse, and you experience contradictions and paradoxes that increase stress. We also I blame myself, “How did you find yourself?” This is a fact. You can find a lot of support in every match you win, but frankly, it gets very serious if you lose motivation without winning. Winning motivates you in the streets, the business world, and all social activities. “

After winning the championship, the president of the Huang Navy Club, who laughed at the memory of raising a flag in the middle of El Yaman Stadium, said, “I didn’t know because it developed naturally. “The win is very good, but I won. I can’t get into the leadership atmosphere and I’m responsible behind the scenes. I run in the finals. Being a champion gives me the enthusiasm and joy. I said. Taking the flag from the stress of 11 months and planting it in the middle was also an expression. ” He said.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Darcy received bitter news before the Boluspor match and played with a guarantee of promotion to the Super League. He explained that he had received news of his aunt’s death before the match, and Darcy said:

“I got a message from my doctor’s friend. The message arrived 5 minutes before the match. I read it and went to the match with that feeling. I came here a few hours after the news and I agree, but that’s the reality of life. Even if you lose your aunt, you may need to be able to stand upright. Say, may God rest his place in heaven. Life is It goes on despite everything. We are also responsible. Sometimes. We have to live the pain in our hearts and stand upright. “

Thanks to Dalcı for the emphasis on football players and their families

He emphasized that the biggest architect of success is a soccer player, but behind this business is a large family. Mustafa Darcy thanked the people who contributed:

“They are actors and the best architects in this business, but the details are very important to success. From staff to masseurs, from doctors to cooks, from cleaning staff to security guards, from psychologists to employees. When I won, I earned together, when I lost, I lost together. It was really like a family. For example, there is a room in the facility and I stay there. I am happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some people could say good morning when they woke up in the morning and good morning when they went to bed. They had a large share of this success, so we would have been very short of it otherwise. For one of them. He never looked down on me. people. I love them all. We had a very good day together, we did good things, but the main actors are soccer players. I had a big career with 11-12 people who were with us at the beginning of the season and was formerly the captain of my team. There were players from the youngest to the oldest. They trusted us without contempt, and we believed in them. “

Stand behind the coach

One of the most important factors in MKE Ankaraguju’s success was the fact that President Coca and his administration stood behind Director Mustafa Darchi.

Falck Koja did not undermine his confidence and support for D’Artisan, who was criticized many times during the season and sometimes lost support.

One of the rare names who stayed in his position from the first week to last week, Dalcı became the first coach to complete the season in Ankaraguju after 2017-2018. Success has also been accompanied by stability.

Family environment

The wonderful family atmosphere of the dark blue people is one of the keys to success.

Especially during Away Week, the friendship between soccer players far from their families is not overlooked.

Celebrating the birthday of young soccer player Ali Kaan Güneren and experiencing the happiness of team athletic performance specialist Cüneyt Yüksel the day before the match of Bereket Sigorta Ümraniyespor, one of the most important away games for the last few weeks of the season. .. Having a new child was the best indicator of the union.

Ali Khan made his wish as a championship while blowing a birthday cake, and this wish became a reality a few weeks later.

Championship speech from Mustafa Dalcı

In his last pre-match championship speech, Mustafa Dalcı provided non-tactical motives in the following words:

“After this match, you will be in history as a 112-year-old airplane tree player. You are historic people. To those who go to the field with this consciousness and support us, this Let the community and those who love you live in this championship. I believe in you, I trust you. I kiss you from all your heart, God May you help me. “

Championship celebration

MKE Ankaraguju enthusiastically experienced the happiness of the Super League with the championship.

Under the direction of Falk Koja, a championship celebration was held on May 19th on the stadium grounds “to commemorate the reconstruction of the stadium.”

Thousands of Ankaragüçlü fans, especially the singer Demet Akalın, were thrilled with the many named concerts.

Ankara witnessed an unforgettable night while soccer players enjoyed the ceremony like children with a large crowd.