100 investment in Karatai in 3 years!Construction of indoor sports center begins


Investments and projects in the sports sector turkeybe a role model Karatay CityThe ceremony laid the foundation for the Chimenli Indoor Sports Center, which will be brought to the district.

Karatai City’s 100th Landmark Project Grass Indoor Sports CenterIt has 8680 parcels of land and a building area of ​​1161 square meters. The Cimenlik Indoor Sports Center will cost 13 million lira.

A new and modern indoor sports center with dimensions of 15 x 28, a playing field, foyer area, spectator tribune, changing rooms and administration section is completed and aims to be in service by the end of the year.

As Karatay Municipality, we support all sports in our district

Hassan Kurja Mayor of KarataiSpeech at the groundbreaking ceremony as the city of Karatai. He said they made investments in social, cultural, education and health as well as physical and infrastructure investments.

Mayor Hasan Kurja, who said the municipality places particular emphasis on sports, said: To date, we have made many significant investments and projects to spread the sport to every corner of Karatai. Two years ago, we laid the groundwork for a project to introduce 30 new FIFA-compliant synthetic Astroturf pitches to 30 schools in the district. We are continuing the project without interruption. The Karatai Summer Sports School project continues. This year’s training with 1250 players from 11 branches will end next week. Our Karatai City Sports Club is leading the way in developing future athletes and revealing their talents. We are developing future champions in the field. Again, we provide amateur sports clubs with supplies and equipment support. We held a friendship and fraternity tournament for elementary and middle school students. Finally, we held a tournament for puppies trained in the summer foundation course. Hundreds of brothers have learned about competition, but most importantly friendship, brotherhood and solidarity in the beautiful surroundings of the tournament.


We are building a modern sports center in the Chimenlik district

Hasan Kılca also provided information about the Cimenlik Indoor Sports Center where the foundation was laid. Kirka said: “The Chimenlik district will introduce a new and modern indoor sports center next to the 15th of July Martyrs Anatolian High School with a playground of size 15 x 28, a foyer area, spectator seats, changing rooms and an administrative section. With a land area of ​​8000 680 parcels and a building area of ​​1161 square meters, our Cimenlik Indoor Sports Center will cost 13 million lira and we aim to start service at the beginning of December, if possible. Similarly, one by one, we will carry out more projects for the education and development of our youth, that our centers will be beneficial to our districts, neighborhoods and fellow citizens in advance. I hope.”

Our youth grow in centers of national and international achievement.

AK Party Karatay District President Mehmet GençEmphasizing that Karatay Mayor Hasan Kurja has carried out all that he had promised before the election, he said, “According to the results of consultations with residents after the election, there will be great efforts to do whatever is necessary. Chimenlik district. A new indoor sports hall has been added to the .We believe that young people who will achieve national and international success will grow up here.Our municipality has invested heavily in many other areas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the mayor and his team.”


Konya’s sporting success is never an opportunity, but the result of significant effort.

Mayor Mustafa Cubs He also emphasized the promises made by the city of Karatay before the election and that much more investment than was said to have come true.

President Mustafa Kabush concluded his speech by saying: “Our Karatay Municipality has a motto ‘Another Karatay’. I think this slogan should be changed to ‘Another Karatay’. Today, his 100th investment in Karatay City has been realized. This is a really big and important number. The points Konya has reached in sport are no accident. With the investment of both our provincial and local authorities our Konya has leveled up and become one of the few cities in Europe.I would like to take this opportunity to bring Chimenlik his indoor sports center to Karatai I would like to thank the Mayor of Karatay, Mr. Hasan Kurja and his team. ”


An indicator of the importance of Karatai City for sports and youth

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) President of Konya Province Remzi KaraarslanEmphasizing that together they laid the foundation for Karatay’s 100th investment, he said, “Before the 2019 elections, when Hasan Kurja was visiting the district with the president, all district demands were met. Or needs were recorded one by one.Since that day our mayor has changed the face of the district with the understanding of ‘Another Karatay’. Shows the value you place on youth and sports. I wish the center good luck.”


We are proud of the municipality’s efforts in service competition

Deputy Provincial Chairman of the AK Party Mehmet Munlafalıoğlu On the other hand, he recalled that it was the opening of social facilities that the city of Karatai brought to Divanlaa over the weekend, and said that the city of Karatai brought many projects to the district one after another.

Munrafarioul Provincial Vice-Chairman concluded his speech by saying:

“We couldn’t keep up with the municipal openings and groundbreaking programs and we’re really proud of it. Please” and our local authorities are looking to add something to what has been done before, but they are also entering the service race. Both cities and citizens benefit. I would like to thank Mr. Hasan Kurja, Mayor of Karatai City, for bringing Cimenlik Indoor Sports Center to our district. ”karataya-3-year-100-investment-closed-sport-center-foundation-atildi-004.jpg

After the speech, the foundation of the Chimenlik Indoor Sports Center, which will be built in the Cimenlik district, was laid with prayer.


Meanwhile, AK Party Konya Provincial and Karatay District Officers, AK Party Karatay Women’s Branch President Hülya Işık, MHP Karatay District President Sebahattin Küçük Doğru, Karatay Headmen’s Association President Hacı Ali Eken, Karatay Deputy Mayors, Unit Manager, Headman Center Breakthrough Citizens participated in the program.