10 items of Galatasaray-Sporx Gallery


Article 10 Galatasaray

Aslan, who surprised the world with his defense against Barcelona, ​​wants to beat the derby in an important rematch on Thursday and go out with morale. What is the latest situation in Galatasaray before this important match? According to the news of Mehmet Ozkan of the Sabah newspaper, Aslan’s derby diary, item by item …


OMAR didn’t miss a workout

Preparations for Besiktas began in Spain. Omar Erabdelaui, the successor to Sasha Boe in Derby, was part of the Barcelona team and did not miss training.


All plans are made like a derby

Management demanded a postponement to the Turkish Football Federation, but Domènec Torrent and his team made all the plans to play the derby.


Returned to Izmir instead of Istanbul

After the match against Barcelona, ​​due to weather conditions, it was decided to return from Spain to Izmir instead of Istanbul.


A rehearsal was held at the Goztepe facility.

Frustrated by post-Barcelona weather conditions, Galatasaray rehearsed Besiktas tactics at the Goztepe facility over the weekend.


Either BERKAN or TAYLAN can close the kit

One of the names sometimes discussed in Galatasaray’s performances, Taylan Antalyar and Berkan Kutlu, may leave their jerseys to Chile’s Erick Pulgar.



Trent decides to save a 30-year-old experienced star who was tired from Camp Nou for a rematch in Barcelona. Van Aanholt, Feghou and Babel take a break.


Three names given the chance to form

Ömer Bayram, Sicardau and Emre Kılıcz had the opportunity to play in the important derby to play against Besiktas.


Gomis can be the first 11

Bafétimbi Gomis will start at 11 on the front line with Besiktas instead of Mostafa Mohammed. One of the Taylan-Berkan duos can also leave the jersey to Erick Pluggar in Chile.


Trent isn’t thinking about spinning

Galatasaray coach Trent has no plans to rotate to this match with goals and defenders.


Morale before Barcelona review

The match between Galatasaray and Besiktas, who lost the derby this season, is very important and the victory at Aslantepe is believed to make the community feel better before the rematch in Barcelona.

Kerem Akturkoll, who took the offensive against Galatasaray in this season’s performance, also stands out in his stats. The young soccer player who recorded the most shots (53) in the Super League is the player who hits the ball in the opponent’s penalty area (117) and gives a shot pass (39) and a dribble (63).