10 interesting sports around the world

This content summarizes the different sports that are found in different parts of the world and that many find very strange. Some of the sports in question have very calm and comfortable conditions, while others have peaked excitement and competition.

In different countries of the world Clear Sports are possible. These sports may sometimes look strange to outsiders, but they are quite common to people living in those countries.For example, traditional Turkish Oil wrestling The sport is very unconventional for citizens of different countries.

In this content, we belong to different countries, different cultures, and are for us. Very rare I have summarized the rest of the sport. People on our list Blood and sweat There are a variety of sports, from awe-inspiring activities to races with very cool rides.

Chess boxing combines strength with strategic intelligence.

Your opponent Strength Is it much higher than you?I found him in the same match In chess You can be the winner by defeating. Chess boxingIt is a sport that prevents only the strong side from winning the battle. So the only way to beat your opponent is not to beat them.

For chess in an 11-round match Time limit It also has an effect. So if you run out of time in chess, lost You count It’s good to be fast on both sides.

Soccer may not be about 22 people chasing the ball, but the “Cheese Rolling Festival” is about a group of people chasing cheese.

To Turkish’Cheese roll‘And locally organized, this activity is seen in Gloucester, England. Mostly large cheeses roll down the hill and people chase after it. Cross the line first I’m trying.The winner is Cheese owner is happening.

Quite strange from the outside fun It certainly looks.

Sports version of the “hosing” game that most people played when they were little: hobby hobbing

In Finland In fact, most of us only know this new sport as a game.Basically speaking Fictitious ancestors Riders; They try to stay ahead of each other in a variety of areas, such as jumping over obstacles and performing styles and energies. You can see that most young girls are competing in a sport that slowly spreads from Finland to various places.

Where to shin-kick, kick and knock down your opponent:


Again, this sport we come across from England is based on a very simple foundation.In sports where two people face each other, a party Kick the tibia I’m trying to knock it down. To win, one party must defeat the other at the end of the third round. Two degrees It must have fallen to the ground.

I’ve seen programs where spouses compete many times. Here, one of the couples is competing with the other couple on his back.

Co-transporting is another strange sport I encountered in Finland.man’s Carry their wives Of this sport trying to overcome a particular track Championship Held every year. It’s a small detail, but the couple doesn’t have to get married. Therefore, unmarried people can also participate in the contest.Track to win at the earliest You need to be a couple to complete it in time.

I didn’t know if it was boring or exciting: Extreme Ironing or Advanced Ironing

Ironing is the basis of this sport.What’s unusual is that there are quite a few irons In a rare place It is done.These are pretty High dunesUnderwater, in the middle of the forest, etc. Risk area For example. In other words, we can interpret the boredom of iron as turning off adrenaline. This sporting championship is also held annually.

Being able to play hockey is another effort, and riding those bikes requires a great deal of effort. This is hockey played on a unicycle.

This sport, called unicycle hockey, aims to score points with your opponent’s goals, much like a regular hockey game.But when the player tries to score Unicycle You need to act on that.It may sound pretty difficult, but the player Not forced You can see Different leagues of sports are also in different countries.

This is the race you know. But our car is not a bicycle, a motor, a car, but a modified lawn mower.

Parts used for reaping By deleting Using a lawn mower in preparation for the race, this sport has attracted the attention of all age groups.especially British Sports that attract attention are different club There is. It was advocated for recreational purposes, but competition never diminishes during the race.

Take basketball to the next level by adding a trampoline under the hoop SlamBall:

NBA playground In this sport we consider to be the dream of those who love the series, Dunks Three Point worth. There is a trampoline under both hoops, which can show a very nice movement. To win when time runs out, like regular basketball. many You must be the scoring side.

And they call American football tough. This is Calcio Storico.

In this sport, which has a long history in Italy, Blood and sweat Always spill. There are few rules in sports where four teams compete, and it can be said that each team has 27 people. To score, your goal is to get the ball to reach your opponent’s fence-like goal, so to speak, on the way.Everything is fair

You can kick your opponent, hit your face, flip your eyebrows, and wrestle. Martial arts are also allowed. Fortunately (!) It is forbidden to go alone or jump to the other person from behind.

Bonus: Sepak takraw basically has volleyball logic.However, it is forbidden to use your hands

Of the player Athletics In this sport that captivates the audience, you can use almost any part of your body except your hands.To get the numbers In volleyball As always, the ball must touch the opponent’s court. Again, as with volleyball, you can only hit the ball on one side. 3 times You can touch it.

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