0054BB Sports Club Marked European Taekwondo Championship

Athletes from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Sports Club have won two gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals at the Taekwondo Championships in Europe and the Badminton Championships in Europe. Hakan Reçber, 63kg European Champion at the Taekwondo and Para Taekwondo Championships in Europe, Emre Kutalmış Ateşli, 87kg European Champion, Görkem Polar, the second in Europe at 54kg, and 73kg at the European Badminton Championship in Spain, the third in Europe. Neslihan Yiğit, the third in Europe, met with Fatih Keleş, the president of the 0054BB Sports Club. Ceres congratulated him while the athlete was communicating his goals. The players said they were aiming for a gold medal at the 2024 Olympic and World Championships in Paris.

Ceres: “There has been a lot of effort and I am proud of all of them.”

Fatty Kelesh, president of the IBB Sports Club, congratulated the players who came with the medals before the press, stating that there are significant developments in Turkish sports in basketball, volleyball and boxing, and began his speech. A very valuable medal. At the end of last week, our athlete won a medal in Manchester and we were a huge success as a national team. I won 11 medals. Four of these medals were won by our club. This is a good development for our fans and clubs. There is a lot of hard work before and after them. I’m proud of all of them, thank you very much. “

Neslihan Yigit: “I want you to change the color of the medal in the next championship.”

Neslihan Demirka, who ranked third in Europe at the European Badminton Championships, expressed her happiness and said: I achieved this for the first time last year, but this time the goals were very different. I wanted to change the color of the medal, but it didn’t work. I would like you to change the color of the medals at the next European Championship. I hope it makes money, we are working in that direction. Still, I am very pleased to bring this medal to our country and clubs. “

Görkem Polar: “I am very happy and honored.”

Görkem Polar, who won the silver medal and returned from the Taekwondo Championship in Europe, said: This year was different. Overall, I am very happy and proud. I want to win a gold medal in the next game. “

Emre Kutalmış Ateşli: “We believe we will win the Olympics and World Championships.”

European champion Emre Kutalmış Ateşli said in a statement: We are proud to deliver the gold medal. We work seriously. The pain we suffered, the struggle we fought, we suffered many defeats, but we did not give up. I believe that not only the European Championships, but also the Olympics and World Championships will be held. “

Nafia Bird is aiming for a gold medal

Nafia Kus, who won the bronze medal at the European Taekwondo Championship, said: I have been a European champion and the second champion in Europe, but I wanted to be the second champion. It didn’t work. The performance was also very good. I lost with a small mistake. The season continues. I have a very good match. Hopefully I’ll make up for my shortcomings and win gold medals in those games, “she said.

Hakan Retubel: “We deserve it to the end”

Hakan Reçber, who won Turkey’s first medal at the Tokyo Olympics, won the gold medal at the European Taekwondo Championships. Young athletes express what they deserve and say:

“The pile of medals makes me very happy with my friends. As a team, we have become European champions. We deserve it all the time. We have suffered a lot and have a lot of experience. Now is the time to pay them. I especially want to win a gold medal at the World Championships. “